Lit-Control is a portfolio with three new treatments for the prevention of kidney stone formation. Kidney stones is a common condition in urology with a high risk of recurrence. It is associated with higher societal costs than prostate cancer. Removal of kidney stones is most often done by shock wave therapy or ureteroscopy where an instrument is inserted into the urinary tract. There has been a tremendous development in stone surgery in recent years, but little focus has been given to the prevention of recurrence with new kidney stones. Lit-Control pH Balance, Lit-Control pH Up and Lit-Control pH Down are products introducing new modes of actions tailored to prevent the various types of kidney stones. Lit-Control will be introduced in all of Scandinavia throughout 2021. 

In Business Unit Urology, there is one additional product which is used to prevent kidney stones, Acalka (potassium citrate), which is a non-licensed pharmaceutical.

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