Health is everything

We work in the most important field there is – health. Health is fundamental in order to experience and enjoy all aspects of life.  It is with this strong conviction that our company was founded in 2016 by senior executives from the pharmaceutical and pharmacy industry. Since our inception, we have experienced rapid growth, surpassing 40 million EUR in sales in 2022. Our operations nowadays span across Northern Europe, with offices in Stockholm, Helsinki, and Munich, having a focus on five therapy areas: women’s health, urology, dermatology, allergy and general OTC. Currently, our portfolio comprises more than 30 products, a combination of our own as well as licensed pharmaceuticals from international companies such as Cosette, Perrigo, Dr. Pfleger, and Menarini. Nevertheless, a greater share of sales comes from our own products.

Accelerating growth

Our company is committed to both organic growth and seeking new acquisitions in Europe, rooted in an ambitious growth strategy. We actively seek out companies and products that increase our market share in and add value to our five therapy areas. While our primary focus is on pharmaceuticals, we also consider medical devices, cosmetics and food supplements that complement our overall portfolio.

But this is just the beginning – our goal is to become the European market leader in selected therapeutic areas.


Through our diverse range of pharmaceutical solutions, we are dedicated to enhancing the well-being of individuals across age groups and therapeutic areas. Our products work daily to improve the lives of both the young and the old. However, our commitment goes beyond this, as we continuously strive to do even more.

Therefore, the decision to support Cancerfonden and their campaign “Rosa Bandet” was easy to make. Every day 20 women in Sweden are diagnosed with breast cancer, the most common form of cancer in women. While screening, diagnosis, and treatment are continuously improving, there is always more to be done. Early detection significantly increases the chance of a cure and, ultimately, saves lives. In aligning with Cancerfonden’s mission, we contribute to ongoing efforts to fight breast cancer.

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