Avia Pharma signs licence agreement for Viiral

Following a strong sales increase in the current portfolio, Viiral AS have trusted Avia Pharma to launch Viiral on the Nordic market.

Viiral is a nasal spray for the prevention of viral infections with neuraminic acid as active ingredient. Breast milk is high in neuraminic acid and is an important building block for an effective immune system. Viiral also moistens the mucous membrane, thereby helping to reduce respiratory symptoms.

“Viiral is based on a Norwegian innovation that will have a major impact on several types of anti-viral treatments in the future. In the team behind Viiral you find some of the most prominent researches in the field and we are proud to contribute to a successful launch in the Nordics. Viiral is the first nasal spray with significant clinical support of its effect in preventing colds” says Marie Wikman, Business Director OTC at Avia Pharma