Deepened relationship with Perrigo

Avia Pharma are happy to announce that we have further deepen our relationship with Perrigo to include Dentosal, a much appreciated tooth paste, on the Nordic market. “We have worked hard to be able to relaunch Dentosal and aim at having the product on the Nordic market again during 2021. It is truly inspiring to be able to present a unique product as Dentosal and to be able to meet the strong demand from loyal users. Although the product originates from 1915 it is highly relevant today with its natural positioning”, says Marie Wikman, Business Director OTC. Dentosal is a truly unique paste, originally developed and launched in 1915. Dentosal toothpaste is a gentle product that naturally clean the mouth without irritating the gums or sensitive mucous membranes in the mouth. Dentosal toothpaste contains natural salt that polishes away discoloration and makes the teeth clean and white, in addition, with its unique consistency it does not foam much.