Ceraderm Betaglucan

Ceraderm Betaglucan is an occlusive ointment.

Ceraderm Betaglucan (soft paraffin and fat products), Skin cream with oat beta glucan, OTC

ATC Code

Indication area
Self-treatment of local pain.
It contains multiple-use packages for both cold and warm treatment (Medical device class I) and single-use cold treatment for acute traumas (Medical device class IIa).

Decem Pharma (Product website)

Ceraderm Betaglucan is unsuitable for the treatment of preterm babies. If the ointment irritates the skin or causes skin symptoms, stop using it and consult your doctor or the person treating you. The ointment is not harmful if swallowed. Avoid contact of the ointment with eyes. In case of accidental eye contact rinse your eyes with plenty of water. Contact a doctor if necessary. Ceraderm Betaglucan is only intended for topical use on the skin. Do not use the ointment if the tube is damaged or after the expiry date. The expiry month is marked on the crimp of the tube. Please note that the ointment should be used within 12 months from opening the tube. Keep the product out of the sight and reach of children.

Please carefully study the information contained in the leaflet or, as applicable, on the outer packaging. Please consult a physician before usage.