Ceraderm is a skincare range manufactured in Finland for dry, irritated, and damaged skin. Ceraderm moisturizes and protects the skin naturally and gently – it forms a very thin breathable barrier on the skin’s surface, which strengthens the skin’s own protective layer, reduces excessive moisture evaporation, and prevents irritants from reaching the skin. It is suitable for use on thin and sensitive skin areas, such as the face, as well as on mucous membranes.

The additive-free and water-free Ceraderm does not contain fragrances, emulsifiers, or preservatives or colorants, making it excellently suited for whole-body skincare for children and those with sensitive skin as well as for those with atopic dermatitis, diabetes, and psoriasis.

The Ceraderm product range is widely used in Finnish hospitals for the treatment of severe skin problems, such as burns. Ceraderm skin oil and cream are reimbursed in Finland for the long-term treatment of skin diseases.

Ceraderm (soft paraffin and fat products), Skin Oil and cream, OTC, Reimbursed in Finland when prescrited to long-term skin disease

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Care of dry and very dry, as well as itching, irritated, and damaged skin

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Please carefully study the information contained in the leaflet or, as applicable, on the outer packaging. Please consult a physician before usage.