Xyliderm is a light, yet effectively moisturizing skincare gel containing xylitol and glycerol. Xylitol binds moisture and prevents the formation of bacterial growth and bacterial biofilm on the skin.

Especially on atopic skin, bacterial colonization and the biofilm formed by bacteria cause problems. Normally, healthy skin prevents the onset of colonization. Only about 5% of those with healthy skin have skin problems arising from bacterial colonization. In contrast, atopic skin is unable to prevent the formation of bacterial colonies, and over 90% of those with atopic dermatitis have bacterial colonization on their skin. This bacterial colonization produces an invisible biofilm on the skin, which clogs the sweat glands and causes inflammation and itching in atopic skin. The xylitol-containing Xyliderm gel breaks this biofilm and prevents its formation on the skin. As a result, bacterial colonization on atopic skin breaks down, and skin itching and inflammatory reaction are alleviated.

Xylitol also increases the amount of the skin’s own structural protein, filaggrin, which means that Xyliderm strengthens the skin’s surface after just two weeks of use. Glycerol binds moisture and reduces skin irritation and itching.

Apply Xyliderm thinly first and once the skin has dried apply cream on top.

Xyliderm is registerd as a Medical Device.

Xyliderm (other emollients and protectives), Gel for the skin, OTC, Reimbursed in Finland when prescribed for long term skin disease

ATC code

Indication area
Care of dry and very dry, as well as itching, irritated, and damaged skin

Decem Pharma (Product website)

Use is not recommended for children under 6 months of age or weighing less than 7 kg. If you are breastfeeding, avoid applying the gel to the breast area. Discontinue use of the product if skin sensitization and irritation occur.

Please carefully study the information contained in the leaflet or, as applicable, on the outer packaging.