Buminifom/Minifom for flatulence and colic in infants

Buminifom/Minifom exerts its effect locally in the gastrointestinal tract. By reducing the surface tension Buminifom/Minifom prevents foaming, affecting the gas pockets so that they dissolve.

Buminifom/Minifom drops is used to treat infantile colic

Infantile or baby colic appears from the age of two weeks and often disappears when the baby is around three to four months old. Buminifom/Minifom prevents foaming by decreasing the surface tension and affect the gas pockets to dissolve. Its effect is local and the emulsion is not absorbed by the body.

Buminifom/Minifom is sold in Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Islandic pharmacies

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Oral drops, emulsion 100 mg/ml, dimeticon

Bottle should be kept in 2-8°C in refrigerator. During usage the bottle can be kept in room temperature. Use before expiry date.

Buminifom/Minifom® (simeticone) soft capsule 200 mg, OTC, EF

Buminifom/Minifom® (simeticone) oral drops, emulsion 100 mg/ml, OTC, EF

ATC code: A03AX13

Therapeutic indications (capsule): Buminifom/Minifom® is indicated to relieve colic problems by breaking down the foam and bubbles caused by flushed air. Buminifom/Minifom acts directly on the gas collections in the gastrointestinal tract and is not absorbed by the body.

Therapeutic indications (oral drops): Buminifom/Minifom® is indicated for the treatment of infantile or baby colic, prior to a gastroscopy or before double contrast X-ray.

Precautions: Do not use Buminifom/Minifom if hypersensitive to dimeticon or colloidal silica or any of the other ingredients. Buminifom/Minifom oral drops contains preservatives that could cause an allergic reaction.

Dosing (capsule) adult: Recommended dose is 1 capsule 3-4 times daily. Alternative dosing may be advised by a physician.

Dosing (oral drops): Recommended dose for infants is 10 drops prior to every meal (10 drops = 0,3 ml). In case of no improvement within 2-3 days a doctor should be contacted. Alternative dosing may be advised by a physician.

Storage (capsule): can be stored in room temperature.

Storage (oral drops): bottle should be stored at 2-15°C. During usage (up to 1 month) the bottle can be kept in room temperature.

Package information (capsule): 100 pc, 250 pc in a plastic jar

Package information (oral drops): bottle 30 ml, 100 ml

For full information regarding prescription and SPC, capsule (2020-12-11), drops (2020-12-21) please see www.fass.se